Pick up for pups born on March 7, 2018

Pups born on March 7, 2018 must be picked up between  May 2nd through May 8th. If you are unable to pick up pup during this period, you may have a family member or friend pick up the pup for you.  We will need verification for that to take place.  Call or text before you arrive.  Pups must pass the vet visit.  We worm the pups multiple times to ensure pups pass the test, however we had one occasion where we had to keep pups for an additional 5 days.  

Our Newest Litter arrived on 3-7-18

We are currently working through our ‘WAITING LIST’; contacting those who have been waiting a long time for a pup. We generally have a VERY LONG waiting list and are a small breeder.  We will contact people in the order they contacted us.  If we do not contact you, we do not have enough pups to meet the demand.

Waiting List

We keep a running waiting list by DATE.  When a litter arrives we contact customers on our list in the order they contacted us.  In the event we sell out, we keep you on our list for ONE YEAR.  (If you request to be on our list via this website, we will add you to our list, but we will not contact you unless we have available pups.) We are a small family breeder.  We generally have 3 litters a year.   We have had litters as large as 12 pups and as small as one. We anticipate our next litter to arrive in the Spring. As of 11/12/18 we have one male pup available.  He is only 2 weeks old at the time of this post. I will respond to short questions via text at 904-483-1510 or 904-483-1502. Our older retired dogs still live the good life here.  We love them!  

Shipping Pups

There is a website called ‘You Ship it’, which is similar to an eBay for truck drivers, who ship all sorts of things, including animals.  We don’t recommend ever shipping a dog, but if you so choose that route, you will be responsible for all aspects of the shipping.

Color of Pups

Most of our pups are black and white.  We occasionally have a tri (black and white with delicate markings of brown in key places.)  Sometimes we can tell early if they will have brown and sometimes not.  Here are several pictures of our tri pups in the past.

Our 2016 summer litter has arrived

Our 2016 Summer litters arrived on 7/22/16 and 7/23/16.  Sweet Pea, Gracie and their litters are doing well. We have one VERY tiny pup in Sweet Pea’s litter.  The pup  has a great appetite, a lot of spunk and we think she will do fine. Sam is the sire of both these litters.   Pics of pups can be viewed on our Home Page under the ‘pups for sale’ link.  A list will open when you hover over the link. If you are interested in a particular puppy, let us know.  (904-483-1510) or email us at worksofgrace@windsream.net