Waiting List

We keep a running waiting list by DATE.  When a litter arrives we contact customers on our list in the order they contacted us, usually by text.  In the event we sell out, we keep you on our list for ONE YEAR.  (If you request to be on our list via this website, we will add you to our list, but we will not contact you unless we have available pups.) We are a small family breeder.  We generally have 2 litters a year.   We have had litters as large as 12 pups and as small as one. As of 4/25/19 we have three male pup available, born on 3-27-19.  They are being weened today, 4-25-19. Feel free to contact us with your questions via text or by phone at 904-483-1510 or 904-483-1502.  Our older retired dogs still live the good life here.  We love them!  

Color of Pups

Most of our pups are black and white.  We occasionally have a tri (black and white with delicate markings of brown in key places.)  Sometimes we can tell early if they will have brown and sometimes not.  Here are several pictures of our tri pups in the past.

Reservation List

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, select an available puppy on our puppy page, then contact us via text at 904-483-1510 or email us at worksofgrace@windstream.net. (It’s better to text me, because I don’t check my email on a daily basis. )  We sell to those on our waiting list before we sell to the general public.) Thanks for your interest in our puppies. *We keep people on our waiting list for one year.  Since we are a small family breeder we don’t have that many litters a year.