Our next litter will arrive July 11, 2019 if all goes well. 
Please text us at 904-483-1510 or 904-483-1502 if interested in a pup from their litter.

If using phone app, scroll down until you see a list of pages on our site.  Thank you for your interest in our pups.

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  1. Hi Lori,
    This is Motley n Megan’s mom. I just read that you’re retiring and so I wanted to let you know that Motley is now retired also. She is doing well as is Megan. We never got a chance to get another puppy from you so that is sad but I wish you well in your retirement.

    Laurie Heins.

    1. So Glad Megan and Motley is doing well. Glad to hear Motley is retired to0. We lost Bo in Oct. and Molly in May. Hard to see them go, but I believe I will see them in heaven one day. 🙂 We wish you well too. We have a lady that is considering buying our website in Sept. She is a breeder and currently has pups if you are interested, text me at 904-483-1510 if you would like her number. Best of wishes to your family. Lori

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