We are located in Callahan, Florida, which is in the north east corner of Florida. Our border collies live the country life. We strive to breed healthy pups in a family environment. Puppies are well socialized from the time they are born, until they find their new family.

How smart are border collies? Border collies are rated the smartest breed of dogs. They can recognize up to eight people by name, can be taught hundreds of terms, and can learn multiple hand signals. There is no denying it, border collies are brilliant dogs. Border collies are known primarily for their unique ability to herd animals and birds; often referred to as ‘working dogs’. They are high energy dogs and need a job to do. They make incredible loyal companions.

We do not recommend crating a border collie. (The dog HATES being crated.) The dog will become depressed, whine, and/or become destructive to property. We also believe a border collie does better with an owner that has a fenced yard.

We recommend you read 'Lessons from a Sheep Dog' by Phillip Keller, regarding crating this breed. We believe these dogs are just too smart to be crated.

We welcome those purchasing our pups to visit our home after the pups turn 3 weeks old. Please call to schedule a visit.

If you are considering owning a border collie, please read some material to determine if this breed is the type of pet you wish to own. Ask yourself, would this breed of dog fit my lifestyle and living environment? There is ample information on the internet about this breed, as well as, on YouTube videos.

Some border collies end up in pet rescues because owners do not realize how smart they are or how the pup reasons. Please consider the needs of this particular breed, but be encouraged, these dogs are easily trained if you do a little research.